• New Post:
  • Name it( make sure you give it a relevant name such as “Club AGM2023” or “Mens AGM2023” or  “Ladies news” and  “Bowling news” so will no t be confused with other posts which are alike.
  • If it is a News itemAGM post or Financial post, make sure you allocate it to the correct category, or multiple categories, so it will appear when that menu item is clicked.
  • Categories are hierarchical so parent will show all children in sub categories
  • Menu for page: If you want a menu select position and which menu you wand to show on the post. ( generally it will be the  “our Club” menu )
  • If you are creating a standalone page that is not in a category above, select uncategorised.
  • used advanced post editor if you want to put some formatting in the page, unless it is just pasted text
  • select Layout Element 1/1 full page 1/2half page and so on…
  • Select layout element: Text block.   try others when you are familiar with using the text block first. use a Test page to experiment with your new layouts first before changing a post or page.
  • Make sure you save your changes then update the website, If you don’t do both you will loose all your work.


  • New Page:
  • Pages are very like posts with some important differences. if you don’t know what they are don’t make a page.
  • You should not be making pages unless you are familiar with the site structure and layout.