Visitors wishing to book must contact Pro shop directly to Book

Please Tel:   (01) 833 1877 to book a round of golf on our Harry Colt  designed course.

If you are entering an open then you can use the link above to see upcoming opens and book directly.

Note: Timesheets normally open two weeks before the date of the competition.

Members, guests and visitors are requested to observe the Club’s Dress Code at all times. The Code is displayed at the entrance to the bar, in the concourse and in the hard copy of the Club Diary.



  • Turtle neck golf shirts are permitted.
  • It is not permitted to change clothing or shoes in the carpark or any part of the premises other than the changing rooms specifically designated for changing.
  • Studded golf shoes and bowling shoes must be worn at all times when playing golf or bowls. In the Clubhouse, golf shoes, of any description, may only be worn in the concourse and changing room areas.
  • Ladies may wear sleeveless tops with collars and tailored shorts (mid-thigh or longer) on the course and in the clubhouse.
  • Gents may wear properly tailored (knee-length) shorts on the course when worn with sports socks. Properly tailored (knee-length) shorts are permitted in the clubhouse when worn with sports socks above ankle length.
  • Neat casual dress is essential in the Clubhouse. It must be clean, neat and tidy, and in keeping with our high standards.