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(Updated from Local Rules on Club Scorecard)
1. OUT OF BOUNDS: Rule 18.2
(a) On or beyond all boundary hedges, walls or fences and in the Clubhouse enclosure and car park.
(b) Areas defined by lines and/or white stakes during play of 3rd, 9th, 12th, 13th. 16th and 18th holes.
(c) 14th Hole. During play of the 14th hole, the area to the right of the hole, defined by white stakes and lines, is out of bounds. These stakes are treated as boundary objects during the play of the 14th hole. For all other holes they are immovable obstructions.

(a) GROUND UNDER REPAIR: is defined by any area encircled by a white line or marked G.U.R.
(b) PATHS AND ROADS: All paths and roads within the course boundaries are integral parts of the course.
(c) IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS: Sprinkler heads, manhole covers, ball washers and fairway distance markers (disks only), wire screens on 1st, 3rd, 9th, 13th, 14th and 16th holes, fixed seating and artificial surrounds. Relief from interference by an immovable obstruction may be taken under Rule 16.1. The player has an extra relief option under 16.1b if the ball is in the General Area and a sprinkler head is on the line of play and is:
• Within two club-lengths of the putting green and
• Within two club-lengths of the ball.(Exception: No Relief if Line of Play Clearly Unreasonable.)

3. NO PLAY ZONES: All flower beds on the course, defined by blue stakes, and young staked trees and their supports, are no play zones that are to be treated as an abnormal course condition. Free relief must be taken from interference by the no play zone under Rule 16.1f.

4. WRONG GREEN: Rule 13.1f. In finding the relief area to be used when taking relief from a wrong green, the putting green is defined to include the area of the fairway within one club-length from the edge of the putting green. This means that the nearest point of complete relief must avoid interference from this addition to the putting green.

5. PENALTY AREA – 14th HOLE : Rule 17. During play of the 14th hole only, the area to the left of the 14th fairway, defined by red stakes is a penalty area.

6. AERATION HOLES: If a player’s ball is on the putting green and lies in or touches an aeration hole, the player may take relief under Rule 16.1d. BUT interference does not exist if the aeration hole only interferes with the player’s stance or on the player’s line of play.

7. ADDITIONAL LOCAL RULES: See course notice board for additional or temporary Local Rules.