Data Protection Policy

Clontarf Golf Club: Website and Data Protection

The Club website has sections accessible to the public and others password protected for members only.

I have reviewed the website and my comments are below. The test should be – the web should be configured in a way which is clear in what we want the public to see-‘open’ and what data to we want ‘restricted to members’ only.  There are only two  material issues – see comments below on the Members’ Section and the Photo Gallery.

By reference to the websites of other clubs, is our website quite open’ to the public?


The order of the text below follows the order of the front page of the Web.


Open Comp Bookings and Member Bookings:

In this category, Open Comp bookings are invitations to the public to play in certain specified competitions and Members’ Bookings are password protected.

Home Page 

This page has :

Club Diary, Results, Club Notices, Visitor Information, Course information, Latest News, Club Facilities, Upcoming Social Events and next Open Event.

Club Diary

The rolling annual diary reveals no personal details on members. By having the diary accessible to the public, it shows we are an active club. This is a positive. There is a column for sponsors but this is not used. Does this column need to be retained for public consumption?

Competition Results

This section shows names of those who have won competitions and the competition sponsors. Most clubs do not reveal this information to the public. Do we need to restrict access to members only, from a DP view? Not material .

Visitor Information 

There is no information in this section which might affect member’s rights.

Course information

There is no information in this section which might affect member’s rights.

Club Notices

This section is being used to promote membership offers. It might be useful to insert a link to the Application Form here as it is hard to find.

I presume this section or Latest News section would be used to make announcements to the public as regards any public matters affecting the Club.

Latest News

This section currently contains the names of members who recently won the Lotto. Is it necessary that this be open to the public? Should this information be restricted to members only and in a place where it is password protected. Not material.

Upcoming Social Events

By having social events on our ‘open’ page, it promotes our image as golf club where there is a strong social atmosphere –one of our strengths.

Next Open Event

Important for attracting visitors.


This section promotes the Club and there are no membership details available apart from Committee members and their photos.


No references to members.


The Members’ Directory section is ‘password’ protected

The reference ‘If you would like to see who the in-form golfers are, you should visit the results section of the website.’- review against comments in ‘Competition Results’ above.

Looking at other clubs websites, should all the ‘General information ’ section be password protected? Eg in memoriam section – does it need to be open to public…….


There is no information in this section which might affect member’s rights. See earlier comment.

Club Diary

See earlier comments.


See earlier comments.


Lotto results only and it is already on ‘Home’ page! .See earlier comments.

Photo Gallery

While photos are taken and posted on the web in good faith, in the event of their being a breach of DP rules eg an accidental photo of a child, would it be better that this section is accessible to members only by being password protected?