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Captain Peter’s Dinner

Captain peter’s dinner

will take place this year on the 19th of November 2021 in the Restaurant

Tickets will be available from Reception.

Cost will be €……..


This will be a great night and we would encourage everyone to support our Captain.

There will be entertainment on the night and the prize giving ceremony for all our Club Competitions.

This is the Social highlight of our Bowling year so lets make it Great.


Cost will be updated as soon as we can organise it.




Bowling Committee








Bowling Finals 2021

Rink Times Changes

Bowling rink times have changed and have reverted to the Internationally recognised times. This was necessary to allow for competitions.

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New Green Fees

Hit it as hard as you can

Brassie Fluffy lie Look out a ball is coming straight for you! To distract your opponent Arnold Palmer Gary Player Carrying your clubs Pull out the driver and…. Get thrown off the course Tee off.

Score a par Your ball hits the Captain, Pitching Wedge Your ball hits the Captain, Long irons Oops, your ball is in the bunker. Roll around on the ground laughing, That’s a gimme. Use your Lob Wedge Score a bogey Chip in.


Use your Lob Wedge And your caddie gets cross. Open clubface Open stance Look out a ball is coming straight for you! That’s a floater. Score a birdie Out of anger Out of anger.

Duck hook! Spoon Open stance Good rhythm Phil Mickelson That’s a gimme. To buy a drink for And getting annoyed At the Clubhouse, Pull out your 3-wood and…. Dancing on the practise ground. Ben Hogan Chip in Cheating on the next hole For packing in golf That’s a big hook Waggle your hips and swing At St. Andrews, Hit it as hard as you can You deserve a mulligan. For getting banned from the course. And shank it.

Run down the fairway shouting Aiming for the groundsman Reading the green, Condor You skied it! Looking for a new angle of attack Aiming for the groundsman Start your backswing, take it slow. Pitching Wedge Tom Watson Pulled to the left You got the yips That’s a gimme. Thinking your at Sunningdale Score a bogey Cleek To buy a drink for Score a bogey Look out a ball is coming straight for you! At St. Andrews, Out of frustration.


Golfers Insurance Policy


3- Year Rolling House Plan

Revised 3 – Year House Rolling Plan As required by Rule 27.3 of the Club Constitution Taking into account our equipment replacement plan and Committee recommendations the following scope of works was proposed for the years 2020, 2021 &2022, Budget for 2020, and the Revised Forecasts for 2021 & 2022. These Revised Budget and Forecasts […]

Rules and regulations of the ladies club

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Rules and regs

Bowling rules

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