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AGM-2021-Bowling Club

Because of the restrictions on numbers permitted in the Clubhouse at any one time, as a
result of the Covid-19 pandemic and in accordance with Government Guidelines, it will not
be possible to hold the Bowling Club’s Annual General Meeting until such time the
restriction on numbers in the Clubhouse is lifted.
Therefore, the Bowling Committee, as proposed for 2021, will continue to run the affairs of
the Bowling Club to the best of their ability until such time that it is possible to hold an
Annual General Meeting.
Please be advised that the current committee are all willing to continue in office for 2021.
Position Person Nominated Proposed by: Seconded by:

1 Captain Peter Laird                                                       Automatic Automatic
2 Vice-Captain John Hackett                                            Peter Laird       Derek Kirwan
3 Ex- Officio Derek Kirwan                                              Automatic Automatic
4 Secretary   Yvonne Keogh                                          Catherine Hazlett            Dorothy Dwyer
5 CompetitionsSecretary  Dorothy Dwyer                         Yvonne Keogh          John Hackett

6 Treasurer        Aidan Foy                                               Shay Carberry       Joan Doyle

7 Committee Member   Joan Doyle                               Anne Louise Mulhall  Aidan Foy
8 Committee Member   Dermot Halpin                       Aidan Foy   Catherine Hazlett
9 Committee   Member   Ann Louise Mulhall                 Joan Doyle   Dermot Halpin
10 Committee  Member    Denis Murphy                     Shay Carberry    Yvonne Keogh
11 Committee  Member Catherine Hazlett                       Yvonne Keogh John Hackett
12 Committee Member      Shay Carberry                       Peter Laird          Denis Murphy

AGM-2020-Men’s Club

Draft AGM Minutes Of The Men’s Club Clontarf and Bowling Club Date: Wednesday 8th January 2020 Attendance: 87 & Committee Meeting Commenced: 6.30pm Introductory Remarks: The Chairman, Ray Bergin, welcomed the members to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance. A minutes silence was observed in memory of deceased members. Reading of notice convening […]