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All members playing in any match representing Clontarf Bowling Club MUST wear our full team colors.  This is Navy Trousers and Team Top (Men = White, navy collar, crest and name. Ladies = White). If you don’t have team colors then please talk to Denis Murphy or John Hackett about what you can do. Remember that you are part of our team and we need you. Lets look great together in our club uniform when playing our opposition. Go Clontarf!!!!!


To all of you selected to play for your club, well done and thank you for being available! You’re Simply The Best.


Remember that for home games Divisions 2 and 4 receive meals so be sure to let John Hackett (Div 2)  and Anne Louise Mulhall (Div 4) know if you are joining your fellow team mates. Sadly Vets 1 and 3 teams are not included.


The tables below show the latest information for the upcoming events. Be sure to check the dates and that you are reading the correct table.

Division 2

DIV2 Rink 1 Rink 2 Rink 3 Rink 4
Lead Ann O’Reilly Beatrice Burns Harry Naughton Dorothy Dwyer
Second Michael Doggett Brian McGowan Mick McCormack Tom McGrath
Third Dermott Halpin Paul Valentine Peter Laird Shay Keogh
Skip Kevin Marshall John Hackett Denis Lynch Shay Carberry
Subs Frank Barry

Date: Saturday 18th Sept  Location: Ierne Start: 14.30  Transport: Meet at Clontarf Club at 13:30 am  Meal: Not provided

Division 4

Division 4  Rink 1 Rink 2 Rink 3 Rink 4
Lead Lynne Foy Michael Doggett Karen Murphy
Second Margaret McLoughlin Catherine Hazlett Liz Reynolds
Third Pauline McGinn Harry Naughton Gretta Hardy
Skip Anne Phelan Ann Louise Mulhall Mick McCormack

Date: Monday 20th Sept  Location: Blackrock  Start: 17.00 Transport: Meet at Clontarf Club at  15.30 Meal: Not provided?

Vets 1

Vets 1 Rink 1 Rink 2 Rink 3 Rink 4
Lead Shay Keogh Brian McGowan
Second Tom McGrath Dermott Halpin
Third Denis Murphy Peter Laird
Skip Kevin Marshall Liam Chatham

Date: Thursday 23 Sept  Location:  Dun Laoghaire Start: 11am  Transport: Meet at Clontarf Club at 9.30 am  Meal: Not provided

Vets 3

Vets 3 Rink 1 Rink 2 Rink 3 Rink 4
Lead Margaret McLoughlin Pauline McGinn
Second Anne Hynes Margaret Carberry
Third Shay Carberry Paul Moylett
Skip Anne O’Reilly Ann Louise Mulhall

Date: Thursday 23rd Sept  Location: Clontarf Home vs Meath Start: 11 am Transport: Meet at Clontarf Club at 10.30  Meal: Not provided