Revised 3 – Year House Rolling Plan
As required by Rule 27.3 of the Club Constitution
Taking into account our equipment replacement plan and Committee recommendations the
following scope of works was proposed for the years 2020, 2021 &2022, Budget for 2020,
and the Revised Forecasts for 2021 & 2022.
These Revised Budget and Forecasts were redrafted and prepared assuming normal
conditions and were agreed prior to the onset of the COVID-19 restrictions.

• Refurbishment of kitchen, restaurant & TV room.
• Refurbishment of reception, offices & stairway.
• Upgrade of IT systems/website.
• Upgrade of sound system.

• Bar upgrade to include glass storage and refrigeration.
• Bar furniture upgrade, recovering and refurbishment.
• Upgrade of kitchen general equipment.
• Upgrade & lining to car park.
• Upgrade to bar, lounge and West Wing furniture.
• Some internal & external house painting.
• Alarm, phone and access upgrade.

• Internal House works, Concourse and Snooker Room.
• Completion of bar upgrade.
• External House painting
• Upgrade of kitchen equipment.
• Carpets Lounge and Bar.
• Bar furniture upgrade and recovering.
• Security upgrade.
John Delaney, House & Social Officer